Our Story

The Sunflower Farm is the design and installation division of Turpin Farms.  Turpin Farms has been in the Turpin Family since Febuarury 9, 1785.  We are the second oldest, continually held family farm in Ohio as well as a recognized State of Ohio Bicentennial Farm.  We received the land for fighting in the Revolutionary War and it is the furthest south-west parcel of land in the Virginia Military District.  We have 700 acres on which we produce sod and soybeans.  

As the current generation operating the farm, we strive to maintain our own sustainability by always diversifying and finding new ways to do things that will make our future better for our children.  One of the ways we are achieving this goal is by designing and installing as well as maintaining green infrastructure or low impact development projects.  The Sunflower Farm has been involved in many projects in and around the greater Cincinnati area over the years and our staff is very qualified to assist you in any type of green infrastructure projects.

My Story


My name is Pam Simmons and I own and operate The Sunflower Farm as well as Turpin Farms along with my brother Robert (Turpin) Fischer.  I was born and raised on the farm and after high school went to Purdue University from which I graduated with a double major in Turfgrass Science and Horticultural Production. 

After graduation I returned to the farm to begin a 23 year career of being a greenhouse grower.  I grew annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, vegetables, herbs, water plants, marginal, trees and shrubs.  In 2008 as the economy was having a hard time I closed the greenhouse operation and began commercial landscaping with an emphasis on sustainability.  I have installed many, many green roofs, rain gardens, prairies and native landscapes all over the Greater Cincinnati area.

I have continued my education

  • North Carolina State University                                                  2008

                            Training for storm water best management practices, inspection and maintenance and design that allows for design of rain gardens and other storm water facilities using green infrastructure such as green roofs, permeable pavements and bio swales.

  • American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association          2009

                            Trained in the proper ways of harvesting rainwater from impervious surfaces for the purpose of reuse. Training specifically included water concerns and contagions, safety, planning, estimating supply and demand, conveyance, storage and maintenance of harvested water.

  • Ohio State University        2014

     Ohio Center for Aquaculture Research and Development at OSU South Centers

                            I graduated from the Aquaculture Boot Camp program:

     The Ohio Center for Aquaculture Research and Development at The Ohio State University South Centers has received an award from the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture to develop the Aquaculture Boot Camp (ABC) program for training new and beginning aquaculture farmers in production and business in Ohio and adjacent states. This is a joint effort of the Aquaculture, Business Development and Marketing teams at OSU South Centers.